Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid Society


The Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid Society was founded on August 31, 1926 as a result of the disintegration of the now-defunct Józef Piłsudski Society, founded in 1924. One organization was the Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid Society as an organization with a secular profile of activity, and the second organization with a religious profile, had become the Polish Catholic League.

Both organizations associated their members around the church of the Holy Trinity Parish built in 1916 near Point St.Charles. The Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid Society is the second oldest Polish community organization in Montreal. The oldest Polonia organization in Montreal is the existing Polish White Eagle Society.

In 1930, The Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid Society consecrated its  first banner or standard. In 1932, the Society was legally registered as a ‘Non Profit organization’ and its charter granted.

The main task/purpose of the Society was to help newly arrived immigrants,  caring for the elders and raising the young generation in the Polish spirit. Passing on the Polish language, culture and customs, as well as helping poorer families in Poland by sending parcels.

In 1936, they managed to buy a two-story building at 1862 Wellington near the Holy Trinity Parish where youth, children and the elderly gathered together, establishing their groups as a dance group Tęcza, choir and mandolin orchestra.

In 1974, The Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid Society  took over the patronage of the very well-known and popular Polish-Canadian Song and Dance Ensemble ” Podhale ”, providing the ensemble with its headquarters along with financial assistance.

In 1986, the building at Wellington St.  was sold due to the lack of financial resources needed to renovate the building. The Society’s headquarters was moved and facilities rented for 10 years with the Polish Canadian Mutual Aid Society – Branch 1 at 2721 Joliceur in Montreal.

In 1996, its second banner was consecrated or dedicated on the seventieth anniversary of the organization. In 2002, The Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid Society moved to its headquarters to the Polish White Eagle Society where, until the present moment, it rents its facilities at 1956 Frontenac in Montreal.

In 2016, The Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid Society celebrated ninety years of existence. On this occasion, a festive ball was held on October 22. It was attended by representatives of Polish community organizations, Polish school, scouts, the Podhale ensemble, Tecza dance group, Fr. Dariusz Szurko from the Holy Trinity Parish and representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ottawa, Mr. Zbigniew Chmura.

We have received congratulations from many Polish organizations as well as from the Prime Minister of Canada, hon. Justin Trudeau and the Prime Minister of the Province of Quebec, Mr. Philippe Couillard.

At present, The Polish Patriotic Brotherhood Aid  Society has 45 members. The eldest, born on September 24, 1925,  is 93 years old. The longest member of the organization is Ms. Stanisława Szpak who has belonged to the organization from January 11, 1974, ie 44 years. The organization’s goal is to continue to help Poles, schools, students, scouting, dance groups, the Old People’s Home Foundation, and churches.

The Society  actively participates in the celebration of national holidays on May 3 and November 11, Thanksgiving, festivities in other organizations. and celebration of Canada Day. Members meet once a month.