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Canada Day 2018


Canada Day 2018


The Canadian Polish Congress (Kongres Polonii Kanadyjskiej, KPK) is an umbrella organization founded in 1944 and established to coordinate the activities and to articulate the concerns of approximately one milion Canadians of Polish heritage. One of its aims is to promote Polish culture, language, tradition and knowledge of Polish contribution within Canada not only to people who have immigrated from Poland but to all Canadians in order to foster a better understanding and spirit of multiculturalism.


Poland Independence Day

The Board of the Canadian Polish Congress – Québec District

Cordially invites Montreal Polonia to its November services
on the 101st anniversary of Poland regaining its independence


Holy Mass for the Homeland at 11:45 am
in the parish being called SAINT JOHN PAUL II
34, 34th Avenue in Lachine (QC)

After the Holy Mass at 13:30 we invite you to the solemn celebratory ceremony in the parish hall

Recent Events

PAM Dom Polski Inauguration

Lilia by Fluke

PAM Dom Polski Inauguration



We want to share with you, photos and video of the community mural project titled LILIA, a “mural” made by the artist of Polish descent, Mr. Krzysztof Wilk. which was unveiled on Saturday, October 27 at the White Eagle Polish Society building.

It is a gift from the city of Montreal, which incurred the cost of this screening for the Montreal Polonia on the occasion of the 100th anniversary celebration of Poland’s recovery of independence. The mural depicts the integration of the Montréal Polish community within Canadian-Quebec culture and also celebrates the local community that lives near the wall.

This is the only such gift in Canada for the Polish community to-date … and we are very proud of it!

Our thanks to all the parties involved : Mr. Krzysztof Wilk and his team of supporters, Ville de Montréal, Arrondissement de Ville-Marie, centre-ville, Bureau d’art public Montréal, Éco-quartier Sainte-Marie, Kolab, The White Eagle Polish Society and all the citizens and community members that contributed to the project.

Artist: – Lilia by Fluke
Photos Courtesy of: Kolab


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